The Well Designed Mission


Committed to Excellence: As the artist and designer of Well Designed, it is my commit to operate with integrity, provide quality, work sustainably, continually train in my craft, and design with imagination and creativity. My ultimate mission is to “leave the world, and your space, a better place than when I entered it”.


Bespoke Designs: With designs tailored to the lifestyles, personalities, needs, branding, and aesthetic tastes of my clients, Well Designed is committed to creating truly individualized spaces that incorporate the elegance of craftsmanship and the sustainably of ecological materials to create one of a kind spaces. 


Forward Thinking: I am committed to creating interiors thoughtfully and with as little ecological impact as possible, all while maintaining the craftemanship, artisty, and elegance of the past. I do this through:

  • incorporating the use of eco-friendly and sustainable practices and materials into every project,  

  • reusing, refurbishing, and/or recycling viable materials and furnishings whenever possible, and 

  • cohesively incorporating ‘green’ furnishing and finishes into designs whenever available. 


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Los Angeles, California, USA
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