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February 27, 2014

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Succulents + Driftwood = Living Art

April 10, 2016

As a designer and enthusiast of all things aesthetically pleasing, I find that some of the most satisfying decorative pieces you can use to make your home… well ‘home’, are those both unique and handmade.  DIY is a great way to personalize your space and bring in elements that are full of your own personal energy and magic touch.


Earlier this spring I was hanging out with a friend of mine at the Helm’s Bakery District in Culver City browsing the fantastically overpriced furnishings of HD Buttercup (a store I love even still). Amongst the Eames' chair reproductions and leather button tufted couches galore we saw mini succulent gardens planted into pieces of driftwood. While they were cute and rustic, their $250+ price tags weren't.


I decided then and there.... "I can make that" and so I did.   


This endeavor would require a trip to one of my favorite parts of the city, downtown LA. In downtown LA's Flower District I was able to find a 47" piece of twisted driftwood for only $25 bucks! It was four times the size of the one used in the HDB piece. And while there I also able to found succulents at $2 a pop.


All together I ended up spending less than $45 on this whole project. 





What I used:

- Driftwood

- Succulents

- Moss

- Crafting Glue

- Potting Soil

- Spray Bottle of Water







Now I do have to admit that I already had a few of these things laying around the house (figuratively speaking of course); the potting soil, glue, moss, and I took a few extra clipping of succulents growing in the back yard to fill out the piece. With that said, it wouldn't cost too much more to get these few extra items and you can always also choose a smaller piece of driftwood to create your own. Saving space a little more cash-money. Anyway... let's get started with the how-to bit...

How To Build A Driftwood Succulent Garden


Step One:

Locate wood, and other items listed above under What I Used.

Step Two:

Fill the openings of the driftwood with potting soil mix, then place the roots of the succulent into the open spaces and firm the roots into place with your fingers. Add more soil to secure the plant and repeat with your other succulents. For aesthetic sake try not to place like plants directly next to each other, this will create contrast and depth in your design.

Step Three:

Spray down the freshly planted succulents and allow the driftwood to dry. Then, fill in exposed soil with moss around the base of the plants. 

Step Four:

Lastly, use tiny drops of crafting glue to hold moss into place (on the driftwood of the planter) in areas where the moss needs securing. Then allow the planter to settle over night before its next watering.

...and with that the project was done. It was really that simple! Check out the finished project below and stay tuned for more easy projects to come!

 Finished Driftwood Succulent Garden








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