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An Eye On Design:

February 27, 2014

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A Place to Gather: Fall Decorating

November 25, 2015

How to Style Your House Like a Designer

Lighten up your home with festive fall style and charm using a few simple decorating tips and tricks that wont break the bank.


It's the perfect time of year to get into the decorating spirit, and as an interior designer myself, creating atmosphere is an important part of setting the mood in any space. Our surroundings have the ability to enhance our mood and sense of wellbeing through awakening our senses. Through the use of color, texture, and scent we can create an environment that doesn't only lighten up and liven up our homes, but also our spirits. So lets take advantage of the season and bring a little joy to ourselves, our homes, and our loved ones during this time of togetherness. With these simple decorating tips, you'll have your home feeling a bit more seasonally cheerful in no-time. 

An inviting atmosphere starts before your guests even enter your home, a few pumpkins and bright fall wreaths can go a long way towards adding a touch of warmth and cheer to your home. 


Welcome to my home!

Sometimes all you need are simply decorations with a subtle touch of fall charm to brighten up a space. This year my theme is Rustic Farm Fresh Harvest. Thus, gourds and pumpkins, dried Indian corn and pine cones, fall leaves and orange colored fruits, intermixed with bundles of dried wheat make up the majority of this years ambiance. These few elements give the space an abundant and rich feel, and add warmth throughout my entertainment spaces. 


- The Living Room -

Decorating one surface at a time - The Mantle Place

The simplest and most effective way to bring a little cheer into your home is through decorating surfaces such as mantles, coffee tables, sideboards, shelves, and even piano tops. By mixing together an arrangement of pumpkins, oranges, pine cones, dried corn, and other 'fallen' things, I was able to create this elegantly rustic mantle place by combining them with white ceramics, glass, and hints of gold.

To the right of the mirror I've filled a white ceramic rectanglar bowl with an assortment of pine cones, dried leaves, Indian corn, and a string of gold beads.


An arrangment looks best when the objects chosen vary in height and size, while using coordinated yet contrasting colors and textures throughout. In this case the larger pumpkin, the pile of pine cones, the orange, and the assortment of dried leaves and pods, all delicatedly placed alongside the ceramic bowl create coordinated contrast and eclectic elegance. 

To the left of the mirror I used a varitey of heights (the ceramic plate, the golden candlestick and white candle, the glass jar and wheat bundle, and the low arrangement of pine cones, oranges, and dried things) to create interest and an air of rustic elegance. By repeating the items used throughout the space, a cohesive theme is built in a design. 


The Coffee Table

Sometimes it's fun to get a little bit literal with a theme, and what better way to create a Rustic Farm Fresh Harvest than to have a wooden crate over-flowing with an assortment of fresh and dried produce?  

Thus, I filled this wood crate with colorful gourds and pumpkins, dried corn, pine cones, fall fabric leaves, and cut-out printouts of leaves I found online on which I wrote a few things I'm thankful for this holiday season.

The Piano Top and Family Photo Display

Amongst an eclectic assortment of framed family photos of my nieces and nephew, and my grandparents and mom, I added a hint of fall charm with dried wheat, more pine cones, decorative fall candle holders, and the printed out leaves of thanks. I added a sense of height by also placing an arrangement of dried wheat and leaves in a clear glass vase. 

 Simple and charming. 


Side Console Table  

A fall arrangement of dried and fabric flowers, a lone large pine cone, and bowl of mixed nuts still in their shells created a simple fall look without overwhelming this small space. 

The result is a touch of fall without overwhelming the space. 


- The Dining Room -


Simple Garland and Thanksgiving Crafts

Decorating with a message. Last year my mom decided to start the tradition of creating a Thankful Garland. Using colorful leaf cut-outs printed out from her computer, clothes pins, and a clothes lines she had each person write down what they're thankful for in marker or pen, and then add their leaves to the garland.  

The end result was a simple way to show gratitude that the whole family could share.


Setting the Stage for the Main Event:

A well put together center piece is a great way to create ambiance throughout the season, and by keeping its height relatively low you can ensure that your guests wont have any trouble enjoying great conversation over the dinner table. 

Continuing my Rustic Farm Fresh Harvest holiday theme I used an assortment of pumpkins and squash, a long with persimoons, pine cones, dried Indian corn, a string of silver beads, dried and fabric fall leaves, and pods, and arranged them all on a grey, yellow, and white table runner in the center of the table.

Tapering the assortment from largest (center) to smallest (to the left and right of center), I built the arrangment around my largest most interesting pumpkin. This created balance in the piece; and with a pair of rustic ceramic candle sticks I finished off the look. 

For the place-settings I stacked white ceramic bowls on matching dinner plates and arranged hammered stainless steel silverware, wine glasses, and light grey cloth napkins on silver woven place mats. Lastly, I created cut-out orange fall leaves with the message "I'm Thankful For You" on them for each of my guests (including myself). A variation could be to print out your guests names on these leaves, using them as place holders. 


The Sideboard

I turned our sideboard into a drink station, and decorated it with another bundle of dried wheat, dried and fabric fall leaves, pine cones, and a few ceramic pieces. Then I set out all the things we'd need to brew up a pot of coffee.




A Little Candle Light

All this table setting needs now are a few friendly faces, homecooked food, and laughter. 

A bit of candle light adds a layer of warmth and mood lighting.

I hope this post inspired you to get creative with your decorations this holiday season, and set the stage for your next gathering.


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