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February 27, 2014

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Artistic Bliss at the HRIFF

February 23, 2015

Filmmaking is an incredible art.

It's a fantastic mix of artistic talents... writers, actors, cinematographers, directors, visual and practical effect artists, composers, song writers, costume designers, makeup artists, and so many more brilliant individuals. Films have the ability to transport us to distance worlds, far off lands, and other lifetimes. They give us a glimpse into the minds, lives, and experiences of characters both real and fictional; with the ability to both entertain us and give us insight into the human mind. They can stick with us for life, make us think, make us laugh, or make us cry... and some do all of the above. They are so versatile, and come in so many different genres, moods, tones, and lengths. I love movies. 



Saturday night I had the amazing opportunity to support the Alchemical Brothers, Tom Hatfield and Ajala Bandele, in their filmmaking debut (which I've been mentioning all week), at the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival. Their screening, of which, was sold out then given an encore screening at the festival, which had an equally great turnout.


Their movie, OMG... We're in a Horror Movie is a comedic satire of the horror movie genre, in which six friends and one crazy ex-girlfriend get transported into a horror movie. What's different about this take on horror-satire is that the characters are fully aware of their  unfortunate predicament, strive to find their role in the movie, and fight to be the one who makes it out of it alive. It's heavier on the comedy side, than the horror, though these first time feature filmmakers have already been accepted into two film festivals since completing the film fall of last year. Original screenplay by Tom Hatfield and Ajala Bandele, directed by Ajala Bandele, with an original score by Tyler David Gilbert, original songs written and preformed by Tom Hatfield, and produced on a shoe string budget... it was a team effort in the truest form.


Starring: Brendan McGowan, Sharon Wang, Christopher Hampton, Ajala Bandele, Shanna Malcolm, and Elizabeth Anne Fenning.


From left to right: Tom Hatfield, Christopher Hampton, Ajala Bandele, Shanna Malcolm, Tyler Gilbert, Elizabeth Fenning, and Sharon Wang.

Filmmakers Tom Hatfield and Ajala Bandele, with rising star Sharon Wang of 'OMG...We're In A Horror Movie'.

Tom Hatfield and Noelle Meaway at the HRIFF screening of OMG...We're In A Horror Movie - February 22, 2015


You can checkout the OMG trailer and more about their movie on OMGHorrorMovie.com.  Keep an eye out for these guys. 

Happy Monday! 

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