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An Eye On Design:

February 27, 2014

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Stone Sculpture

January 22, 2015

When I sculpted this piece, I wanted to creating something almost delicate, while still keeping the natural shape of the stone intact.

I played with the idea that each side transformed into a new texture and form, and wanted it to appear as if the stone was being both squeezed by the band that wraps around it... and that the sculpture was morphing into smooth bubbles that trickle down the front. The buttons on the band are made of copper sheet metal. If you look closely at the band around the front of the sculpture you can see the bubbles being squeezed and slightly protruding from the "tightness" of the band.

Here you can see a frontal view of the bubbles that flow down the front of the sculpture; band continuing to wrap around the stone; and the natural texture of the stone starting to form as your eyes continues to the left side of the sculpture.

From this side view you can see how I intentionally left the natural texture of the stone cascading down the side. I had fun playing with texture and directional changes. On the back of the sculpture, you can see that stripes were created in the stone out of both reliefs and indentations. More copper buttons can be seen here as well.

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