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February 27, 2014

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New Year, New Intentions: My Plan for 2015

January 13, 2015

At the beginning of every new year I ask myself two important questions, "Who am I?" and "Who do I want to continue to become?"

Self-reflection is a key tool towards continual self-growth and life enrichment, and of course you don't have to wait for the new year to come along to use it (and you shouldn't... because life is an ongoing process and self-reflection should be as well), but what a great excuse, right??


It's with the new year that we feel compelled to give the ol' heave-ho to behaviors and practices that didn't serve us in the past, and take on new behaviors, practices, and goals that will inevitably shape our future.




I intend to take that momentum and inspiration, and use it to continue to shape a fulfilling future and CURRENT life for myself! With life being a series of choices and decisions, it's important that we have a clear direction that we intend for those decisions to lead us in. Wherever we are in life, at this moment... at past moments, and in future moments, we get to these points in life through the decisions we make on a daily basis. Our power lies in seeing what choices are in front of us, seeing how our decisions guide our lives, and through making decisions, current and in the future, based in achieving the life we want to live... not just in the future, but NOW.


Being two years away from 30, I'm feeling the need to be even bolder in the goals I set for myself and the decisions I make on a day-to-day basis. I've found that as we get older, time really begins to speed up faster and faster, and before you know it, another year has come and gone! Over the past few years I've been lucky enough to use that time wisely and not let fear dictate my life (something I struggled with in the past). Though I realize that however greatly my life has shifted in the last 3 years, and the beautiful, loving, exciting, freeing, and growing life it has, and is creating... I wonder what even bolder choices over those few years would have created for my life. Three years goes by fast! Which has made it even more evident to me how important making healthy and thoughtful decisions that support your goals and life are to the life you live. And even something as small as having that extra slice of pizza, or not going to that event you were invited to, or not getting an oil change when the light comes on.... shapes and shifts your direction.


So this year I'm creating intentions, not resolutions, geared towards shaping my life... like one might do a sculpture or piece of art. The goals I have created have been designed to focus on four areas of my life, who I want to be, and how I want to live now and in the future.


New Year's Intentions 2015

My Health & Body:

Intention: Create a beautiful and healthy body supported by a mindset that nourishes a positive attitude, healthy decision making, and overall well-being; engage in actions that encourage, not hinder meeting my health and body goals; and pushing myself to be resilient in accomplishing these goals throughout the year. It is my intention to create a body that is energized, strong, toned, and healthy through:

  • how, what, and when I eat and drink;

  • how and when I exercise and rest; and

  • creating an attitude that positively supports those behaviors.

Actionable Intentions:

  • Cleanse my body for 'the new year', through a healthy detox - The Fat Flush Detox: Two Week Cleanse

  • Remove processed sugar from my diet for the month of January

  • Continue to eat healthy throughout the year (through eating organic and natural produce and products, avoiding processed foods, and maintaining a low carb, sugar, and fat way of eating throughout the year).

  • Actively live in gratitude through practicing positive self-reflection

  • Exercise regularly 2-3 times per week through a variety of methods

  • Drink 8 glasses of water per day, and

  • Enacting a healthy sleep schedule, aka bedtime and rise-time

Update: I have already lost 7lbs four days into the start of my cleanse, which began Monday January 5th, 2015, and my body feels amazing, looks great, and my digestive system feels like it's functioning better than it has in months!


Finances & Career:

Intention: Create a steady stream of income through utilizing my business degree, creativity, and love for art and people.


It is my goal for this year to gain financial security through creating a source of income that inspires me and supports my lifestyle desires and personal goals. It is also my intention to seek opportunities that support my career, educational, and financial goals, as well as disengage in habits that hinder these goals... such as procrastination, needless spending and dining out (too often), and not allowing myself to miss out on opportunities that present themselves.


Actionable Intentions:

  • Plan out and film this year's series reboot of Design Bliss , my art and design show

  • Maintain MyArtisticBliss.com weekly with new blogs, projects, and inspirational pieces

  • Release the new series episodes of Design Bliss weekly beginning in April of this year (keep your eye out of that)

  • Write the outline for my up coming book

  • Seek out interior and other design, and art projects and clients,

  • Develop and implement a marketing plan/strategy and

  • Look into and apply for grant programs to help support my goal to earn my masters degree.

Education & Career:

Intention: Create further competence in my craft, field, and industry through both formal and informal education. It is my intention to progress significantly and steadily in my masters degree program, as well as to accumulate useful skills through recreational education, exploration, and self-teaching. Through these things I well enhance my skills as a designer, artist, and host.


Actionable Intentions:

  • Complete all lower level courses left in my master's degree program by the end of the year

  • Learn how to use my Wacom tablet more creatively and effectively

  • Take a course in brand building, as well as communication and public speaking through lynda.com

  • Be on time to every class I take this year

  • Have all assignments completed the Sunday before they're due, and

  • Take a course in acting in front of the camera.

Personal Life & Lifestyle:

Intention: This is probably my favorite intention for the new year... To continue to create a life of fun, beauty, excitement, and success through making bold choices. It is my intention to be someone who is adventurous, well-traveled, confident, artistic, independent and free-spirited. I want to know things and have seen things, and lay the foundation for the person I want to be and the successful life I am going to build. I want to follow my heart, always listen to my inner voice, be truthful and loving, and experience everything I can of what this world has to offer!


Actionable Intentions:

  • Renew my passport Check!

  • Learn Italian using Rosetta Stone semi-daily over the next few month

  • Travel to Italy with Tom this spring Check! Check! Tickets are already purchased!

  • Plan semi-monthly get-together with my family and do more fun things with them

  • Read two books per month that offer new ideas, self-reflection, entertainment, and growth Books for January: The Difference by Jean Chatzky and Civilized Assertiveness for Women by Judith McClure. 

  • Paint, draw, and sketch weekly for myself

  • Train Roxanne properly

  • Grow a more awesome and interesting jewelry collection

  • Buy a new phone... that isn't challenged Check! Doing that today!

  • Buy a new car... that isn't challenged

  • Plan and host a few ridiculous parties!!!

  • Go camping - at least once this year,

  • Move in with my boyfriend, and

  • Plant a front yard garden at his place.

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