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February 27, 2014

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My Artistic Bliss at the AMA's Celebrity Gifting Suite!

November 24, 2014


This past weekend I had the fortunate opportunity to accompany a close friend of mine, Drea Castro {of Act of Valor, I Think I Love My Wife, and Baldy for the Blind} to the American Music Awards' Gifting Suite - Nov. 22, 2014. Photo curtsey of RedCarpetExpress.com 


It really was a different world that I didn't mind visiting in the least.

From jewelry artisans to make-up artists, and beauty products to furniture designers, this place had so many beautiful and awesome things all at our fingertips. I would have loved to take more pictures, however between joggling free swag, chatting with vendors, photo-ops, and making our way through walls of celebrities and their companions, taking photos was a challenge to say the least. Yet I was able to still get a few good shots that I'm happy to share with all of you.


The Celebrity Experience

As we made our way up the red carpeted spiral staircase of the W Hotel in Hollywood, I had no idea what awaited us... but the excitement was mounting. First off there's something intimidating about a red carpet, a line of photographers, and a white backdrop tatted with company logos, but it's also exciting. After putting on my best 'I'm use to this type of thing' face, we made our way into the Suite.


I was pleasantly surprised to meet, not just the vendors of various wares and products, but the CEO's and creators of them. People, who like me, have created things they believe in and who gift them freely in order to perchance push their passions, dreams, and hard work forward and increase their success. Below, are a few of these vendors we encountered at the Suite and some of the swag we collected.


My Saint My Hero - Handmade Blessing Bracelets

My Saint My Hero, founded by the beautiful soul Suzanne Durnell, is an inspirational jewelry company devoted to encouraging good works through faith and action. Based in San Pedro, California, it is their mission to inspire women and girls to use their gifts and talents to make the world a better place, and use their handmade bracelets as a reminder of self empowerment, faith, and the importance of creating something meaningful in our lifetimes. Check them out at: www.mysaintmyhero.com for more information.


Coffee Scrub Delight - Face Mask & Body Scrub

Coffee Scrub Delight is a skincare product created by the lovely Roenna Nepomuceno of Roenna Designs, when her young daughter developed eczema. Her product can help to also relieve common skin ailments such as psoriasis, dermatitis, acne, and sun damage, as well as to rejuvenate and enhance overall appearance and health of skin for any skin type. More on this product when I give it  a try, in the meantime check it out at her virtual shop at: www.etsy.com/shop/CoffeeScrubDelight.   


Ecochic Lifestyles

Okay, this company truly excites me! As a designer and furniture refurbisher, my heart skipped a beat when my eyes set sights on the beautiful and intriguing furnishings of Ecochic. Created by Megan Risdon and located in Los Angeles, CA, Ecochic uses teak fishing boats with previous lives in tropical waters to create durable, enchanting, and repurposed wood furnishings that live up to their name. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Megan and hearing all about her inspired idea to transform natural disaster wreckage into beautiful reclaimed wood treasures. Check out Ecochic's website at: www.wearecochic.com.


Oxhorn - Scented Luxury Jewelry

Designed by the lovely Biranit Oxhorn, this chic and minimalistic jewelry line combines the emotion-altering wonders of aromatherapy with handcrafted pieces that incorporate sterling silver, leather straps and metal chains, with lockets which encase a replaceable fragrance strip scented with a selection of natural essential oils. The charming piece I chose is called Terpsichore and the fragrance I chose is Smooth. Check out Oxhorn Scented Luxury Jewelry at: www.oxhorndesigns.com.


Alucik - Hand-Drawn Jewelry

These lovely pieces are digitally hand-drawn with beautifully intricate details in stainless steel. Delicate as a flower and organic in nature, Alucik's jewelry is exquisite. Sadly I wasn't able to get my hands on one of these pieces (not being quite important enough), however their pieces actually are priced quite reasonable and I did come away with a 25% off promo code. Yay me! To get a better look at what they offer check them out at: www.alucik.com, it's definitely worth a look.


Native Reign LLC - Natural Soap & Bath Products

Native Reign is a Florida based  soap and bath products company, started and run by Robert Nelson, that provides all natural and organic goods. His products are made with coconut, goat, almond, and soy milks; and they offer natural moisturizers, body scrubs, bath salts, fizzys & teas, face & body masks, shampoo & conditioners, lip balms, and body remedies. Check them out at: www.nativereign.com.


Pure by She She, Bea Skincare & Cosmetics, and Pure Suds Co.

All-natural and organic products reigned supreme at this years AMA's Celebrity Gifting Suite, but why would you want anything less than natural on your lovely skin?  Pure by She She, aka Sheila Kyle, provides 100% natural and organic body, baby, home, and pet care products. Her lovely products are cruelty free, vegan, sustainable, and free of harmful chemicals and toxins. Check her goods out at: www.purebysheshe.com.  Bea Skincare & Cosmetics also boasts vegan products, free of parabens, and offer an array of vitamin based, anti-aging skincare products and cosmetics. Their website is www.beaskincare.com, and Pure Suds Co. offers natural bath and body products as well, ranging from spritz's and roll-on moisturizers, to bath soaps and creams. Their website is www.puresudsco.com. How lovely! I can't wait to try out all of these products for myself.


A Few of My Sweet Goodies from the AMA's:

My heartfelt thanks goes out to all of the vendors at this years AMAs Celebrity Gifting Suite! I wish you each luck and prosperity in your ventures. And of course thanks goes out to my beautiful and talented friend Drea Castro {#getdrea} for making me her plus one!! Stay tuned for more adventures everyone!



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