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February 27, 2014

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"Are we there yet?"...

March 6, 2014

So, three months into the new year. How are you doing? Feel yourself making headway, or have you come to an impasse?


I find my life neither standing still, nor moving a long as quick as I would like. Then again patience has never been my strong suit. It's the seven-year-old kid in me who keeps annoyingly asking "are we there yet?" And the 27-year-old adult that I am who has to keep answering, "No... not yet. Look out the window and enjoy the view." ...I'm working on it.


The 2014 Bliss List blog-series is winding down, only three more steps to go, and looking back on the last few month (first few of the year), I feel that despite my impatience a good amount has been accomplished. My design web-series, DesignBliss.TV, is underway, my blog readership is up drastically from last year, the My Artistic Bliss facebook fan page 'Likes' and twitter 'followers' have increase two fold, and slowly but surely my 'Year of Bliss List 2014' aka New Year's Resolutions list is making progress. My vision board even win me some skincare products in this years SkinAgain Vision Board Contest.


There's still a lot to be done however.


Canvas' that need painting, books that need reading, classes that need taking, muscles that need toning, a dog that needs training, clients' homes that need designing, money that needs making, DesignBliss.TV episodes that need filming, etc., etc. Even short term things like emails that need sending, dishes that need washing, and a car that need re-registering. Though I'm not going to let my looming list scare me back under the sheets just yet. Life, goals, dreams... all take time. You just have to work on them steadily. What's that old saying "steady wins the race"? Something like that...


So... I'm going to do just that. Work steadily, be consistent, and not allow myself to get caught up in the bigness of my dreams or the lengthiness of my to-do list. So with that I continue my Friday and start my weekend with high hopes of great accomplishments, steady advancement into my future, and enough contentment to enjoy the journey. How about you? How are your New Year's resolutions coming along? or whatever goals you've made for your future?

Happy Thursday Everyone!
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