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February 27, 2014

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Small Bathroom Remodel

February 27, 2014

How I transformed my small uninspired bathroom in Two Days with $300 and a bit of creativity!

I'm a big fan of a little remodel 

Bathroom Before:

There were a lot of things lacking in this small bathroom before I began to work on it. It had limited lighting, storage, and style.

My original idea for the space was to create a design aesthetic based around a Van Gogh print of 'Cafe Terrace' that I was given by a friend a few years back. The print is vibrant and colorful, full of rich hues and a passion for the mundane that Van Gogh is known for in his work. I was tickled by the idea of creating such a space in the bathroom because what is more ordinary than a bathroom? As you can see in the pictures above it had small elements of whimsy, like the dragonfly robe hook and the colorful towels, but in no way was the true nature of Van Gogh's art really evident.


Bathroom After:

After a couple of days and a few hundred bucks I was able to truly bring out the colorful world of Vincent Van Gogh.

Rather than being literal and turning my bathroom into a colorful Parisian cafe, I believe I did a pretty great job of capturing the essence of the print through texture, color, and bringing in some interesting and playful pieces. Fun pieces like the bottle cap turtle, colorful glass bottles, and the jar of orange and white potpourri make for a youthful and whimsical atmosphere. The formerly faded light blue coat rack hooks - I spray painted a deep purple color to give new life and make it work better within the color scheme of the space. Additionally, above the towel racks I created a gallery wall using images I printed off of the internet to create interest and height on the formerly blank wall. I choose an eclectic arrangement of art that had a similar feel and palette to the space and the inspiration piece without being too literal as well.


Functionally Speaking:

To solve the lighting problem I replaced the single light bulb socket with new inexpensive track lighting that allowed me to adjust the direction of both the bars the lights extend from and the direction the lights themselves point. The flexibility of the lighting allowed me to finally light up my dark shower, as well as the rest of the room.


To solve the storage problem I brought in a shoe storage cabinet which I'm using for anything but shoes. In the top cabinet I've stored bottles of sunscreen, lotions, shampoos, and other body essentials; in the middle cabinet I've stored extra towels and wash cloths; and in the bottom cabinet I've stored travel toiletries, a hair drier, an electronic tooth brush charger, and the like. This freed up space in my two existing cabinets so that I could actually organize them.


Bathroom Vanity & Sink:

A deep clean and fresh coat of paint goes a long way for bringing a space back to life.

From it's freshly painted walls to the new beautiful deep purple color of the vanity cabinet, the vanity area of my bathroom is now an inspiration to stand in front of in the morning. By changing out my broken soap dish, shifting around a few accessories that I already owned, and adding in a few new ones I created a space that works well and makes sense.


A few of my favorite new additions to this area are the blue 'fish' glass bottle, the sliver accordion style wall mirror, and the silver hook that accompanies it. The accordion style wall mirror, which I purchased for only $4.99 (from Ikea) is great for help me to apply makeup. The little silver hook, which I purchased for $1.49 was a fantastic way to keep jewelry out of the way but nearby when I wash my face or take showers.


Another fun addition to the space is the wooden "Hand" arrow sign, which I painted the same color as the coat rack hooks, then stenciled the word 'HAND' on it to politely let guests know which towel to use for their hands.


Bathroom Nook:

Just because a space is small, doesn't mean it doesn't deserve big style.

Besides the little fern I added to this space in a self-watering-pot, all other vases in my bathroom update are filled with things I don't have to worry about keeping alive. The point is to create low maintenance style that is interesting, like the colorful feathers in the little purple vase on the storage cabinet, and the vase filled with tree limbs I cut from our front yard. The red coral is a piece that I purchased for $17 (white) and spray painted crimson red to create its bold statement for $20 total! I modeled this piece after a similar red coral piece I saw in a decor store for $70+, which means I was able to save $50 with a little creativity.


I love how the space turned out! My bathroom is now functional, bright, and inspiring to be in. How do you think it turned out? Is there anything you would add or make different? I'd love to here your opinion!


Also, To Watch How I Completed This Project From Start to Finish Click Here and Watch Me On DesignBliss.TV!
- Happy Tuesday!
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