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February 27, 2014

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Twelve Steps to Bliss: Step Six

February 6, 2014

Welcome to February and the second month of The My Artistic Bliss Twelve Steps to Bliss List for 2014!

In January the first five steps were all about self-discovery, inward reflection, setting goals, and allowing yourself to dream about the life you are creating now and will continue to create in the future. In February and in the next few steps of the Bliss List, we are all about taking action, taking chances, and living lives that are conducive to the goals we've set for ourselves. So, let's get started!


The common misconception of vision boards is that they're simply about wishing things into being. Well, that's just silly!


All great things in life take action and finding bliss is no different. So, once you've created your vision board, don't be discouraged if things don't simply begin to 'manifest' themselves out of thin air. What a vision board will do, however, is bring the things you want to your attention and give you a clear direction in your goals. It's this clear direction that will guide each of us from this point forward towards achieving the things we've set out to accomplish.


The importance of the first FIVE Steps to Bliss:


Over the course of the last month we've been talking about the importance of positive affirmations and the power of choice, of self-love and acceptance, of setting goals and creating lists, and of the power of visualization. All of those components together create a situation where we truly have a clear understanding of what we want not just out of this year, but out of  our lives in general. And when we come from a place of self-acceptance, love, and choice, we have a clear and realistic understanding of the power we each hold in creating our best lives. It's this power that allows us to move forward and take action in getting what we want and to where we want to be, and not simply relying on wishful thinking to be our saving grace. By creating a vision board we enhanced our ability to be aware of the things we deemed important to our reaching our own personal life of bliss.


Knowing what you want brings that very thing to your awareness...


...and once it is brought to your awareness it will appear to show up everywhere you turn. You'll begin to find that the very things you've envisioned for your life are within your grasp, and may have been for quite some time. The reality of the matter is that those things were always there, passing you by, unbeknownst to you; you simply didn't notice them because they didn't hold the same meaning to you. It's like when you buy a new car, and then begin to see that same car everywhere you go. It wasn't that the cars weren't driving around before you purchased yours, they simply weren't apart of your awareness until you started driving one yourself. Awareness is the first step towards action, the second step is creating an action plan.


So, what is an Action Plan?

Simply put, an action plan is a self created step-by-step plan of how you are going to achieving the goals you set for yourself in step four and the life you envisioned for yourself in step five. It's taking those goals and breaking them down into smaller components, and writing down what you specifically intend to do in order to accomplish them and reach your desired outcome. A good action plan is about being detailed and specific. We've already thought about the 'who' and 'why' of the matter over the course of January, now it's about the 'what', 'how' and 'when' of your goals.

The practical way of accomplishing this is by taking out that list from Step Four, and adding 1-3 realistic actions you could take towards realizing each goal. As these actions are completed check them off! You may find yourself adding new goals and actions throughout the year to your list, and that's perfectly fine! Life is ever evolving and there is nothing wrong with changing one's mind.


Here are a few questions to consider when creating your action plan:

How do you intend to reach the goals you've created for yourself? Be specific. What actions and steps are necessary for your success in your goals?  

When do you intend to reach these goals by? Be realistic. How long would it take for you to achieve not just your overall goal, but the steps it may take to get to your end goal?  

What habits do you need to change in order to give yourself the best chance of success? Go to sleep earlier, waking up earlier, getting rid of all junk food in your home, etc? 


Write it all out in clear and realistic terms for each of your individual goals, and get ready to TAKE ACTION! :)

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