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February 27, 2014

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The Bliss of Stopping the Mocking: Completely Finishing What You Start

February 3, 2014

The Studio Door Project: Finally the Final Touches!!So it's been quite a journey the door and I have had. Even with the greatest of planning you are never truly prepared for what any project will bring. Big or small, all projects have their surprises. Mine held secrets, treasures, and required some major creative problem solving skills.

 "All good things must come to a close..."

...and now I have a fantastic "new"-old door, that can do just that, and in the most beautiful way. ::close that is::
During the course of the studio door's refurb, I discovered that my $25 craigslist find had been built of solid wood and using wooden peg construction. I uncovered the age and make of its Victorian hardware which dated back to the late 1800s and that the hardware alone was worth a few hundred dollars; and through my own efforts, I learned the labor of love that is true craftsmanship.



As I've said time and time again, I love old things! I love antiques! I love vintage things! I love the artistry and craftsmanship they possess. Even with my over 100yr old door, you can feel the heart that was put into its creation and despite the aging and ware of weathering and time, I could see the love hidden beneath layers and layers of old paint and grime.


If you missed the first 5 installments of The Bliss of Stopping the Mocking series, which began in late summer of 2013, here's the journey in a glimpse! Check out how I transformed this beautiful door from start to finish by following the links below.


The Bliss of Stopping the Mocking
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  • The Studio Door Project: Part Two - Tearing Down to Build Up

  • The Studio Door Project: Part Three - Putting the Pieces Back Together

  • The Studio Door Project: Part Four - Paint + Brushes = New Lease on Life

  • The Studio Door Project: Part Five (A) - Stained Glass Painting 

Finishing the Door Inside and Out.

After stain-glass painting the window and allowing it to cure for about a month, I set it in place and reattached the window framing using wood glue. Then I carefully secured the framing with a hammer and nails, angling the nails at about a 45° degrees outward towards the sides of the door. After allowing the glue to dry, I laid painters tape on the glass around the frame, painted the wood framing in white, and allowed that to dry as well.

With that, it was time to hang the door! It was so exciting to finally see all my hard work coming together.

From there all that was needed was to install the hardware, touch up the paint on the both sides of the door itself, waterproof and seal the window, and paint the trim around the inside of the door in white and outside of the door in a beautiful and rich deep purple paint.



Me and Roxanne resting after finally completing the refurbishing of my 100+ year old door. I'm so happy with the way it turned out! Looking at it now, you wouldn't even believe all that this door had to go through in order to become the beauty it is today. From painstakingly removing layers and layers of old paint; to completely taking it apart piece by piece to clean, sand, and repair it's weathered pieces; to putting it all back together again, securing, sanding, and painting it; to transforming its plain glass window into a custom designed painted stained glass window; to cleaning its painted over hardware and knobs; AND replacing it's rusted out mortise double lock.... it's been quite an experience.



Craftsmanship, and refurbishing for that matter, is definitely a labor of love. I'm not going to lie to you... it was pretty labor intensive and required a lot of hours and patience. Though if you enjoy working with your hands, as I do, then it'll be a worthwhile project to restore and refurbish pieces that are just in need of a bit of love. And with all the work I put into it, it should be good for another 100yrs.


The Interior


Adding the decorative framing to the existing framing around the interior window, added a beautiful touch that looks as though it is original to the door. And by replacing the missing silver keyhole beneath the original silver plated glass door knobs the door looks complete. I really love that my studio door uses a skeleton key to lock it! How awesome is that?! It's definitely a fun touch to a door that's full of so much character.


The Window


Painting the existing glass pane for the door was definitely a great choice. It saved me the $3000+ a custom stained glass window would have cost, and added a personal touch that is both practical and beautiful. Choosing the 'Desert Day and Night' design I created was the perfect fit for our Spanish Bungalow house and Mexican art filled backyard (which is still a work in progress by the way).


While it was quite a journey, I am glad to be able to say that it's finished. Now it's time to move on to the next project. So, stay tuned!


Happy Monday!

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