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February 27, 2014

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Twelve Steps to Bliss List: Step Five

January 27, 2014

Allow yourself to dream.

In the ideal scenario of your life, who are you? Where are you? What does this life look like? And how do you spend your time? How do you earn money? How do you relax? Play? Love? Eat? Feel?  These are all questions to ask yourself when creating a Vision Board. A vision board is essentially a collage of dreams that allows us to flex our artistic muscles and visualize our aspirations.
A Vision Board is a tool of visualization and positive affirmations. It's about creating a symbolic representation of the things and life you've not only dreamt of, but fully intend to create.


This year, when it came to creating my own vision board I pulled from the list I created in Step 4 of the Twelves Steps to Bliss, my Bliss List for 2014. I then expanded those ideas into the broader sense of what accomplishing those goals would mean to me. The process of creating a vision board is actually quite therapeutic, there's something about physically seeing our dreams and goals laid out before us that triggers the pleasure centers of our brains and enhances our ability to believe in the existence of our success. It's like creating a window that allows us to see into the possibilities of our future, so that we can fully grasp the intention of our goals and remember what it is that we are working so hard towards accomplishing.


Creating a vision board is actually a fun process!

It's about considering all the possibilities and potential of your life and what you intend to create for yourself through the goals you've already set. Creating a well thought out vision board is about narrow down your dreams to very the essence of the goals and aspirations you have for your life. It's not so much about wishful thinking or compiling lofty unreachable goals, such as an unexpected windfall or magically obtaining a multimillion dollar house you can't afford. It's about empowering yourself and your dreams through ownership of them in realistic and achievable terms. So, with your Bliss List in hand and answering for yourself these two questions, “what do I really want?” and “what would a blissful life look like to me?”, you’re ready to start your vision board. 

All a vision board really is, is a collage compiled of pictures, drawings, tokens, key words, and affirmations that represent your ideal life.

You can include anything you’d like to be a part of your world: new or stronger relationships, a more fulfilling job or careers, enhanced health or physic, marriage or starting a family, fears you'd like to face, and other personal goals you wish to accomplish in this year and the years that follow. You should also include how you want to feel; what you want to experience; what affirmations you wish to carry with you throughout the day; and the direction you'd like to see your life go in. It’s simply about knowing what you want and owning the fact that you want it.


I suggest a physical board that you can hang up somewhere in your home and see on a daily basis, but you could also choose to create a virtual board in pinterest or on your computer. You could even create one in the pages of a notebook… however, whatever way you choose to create your vision board, it should be somewhere you will see on a daily basis to remind yourself of what you are striving to accomplish.



Want the inside scoop on what I put on my board? Check Here!

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