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An Eye On Design:

February 27, 2014

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Design Bliss Episode One

January 26, 2014

A Day at the Rose Bowl Flea Market

I'd like to turn you guys on to some of the fantastic artisans I had the pleasure of meeting during the filming of my first episode of my new design web-series Design Bliss!

The Rose Bowl Flea Market is a fantastic place to find all kinds of interesting things. The place really has everything! There's art, crafts, furniture, jewelry, clothing, collectibles, antiques, home decor and so much more. What it also has is an incredible assortment of genuinely friendly and talented people, who with smiling faces and a passion for what they do welcome you into their booths.



Lisa Raphael - artist, videographer, and photographer.

We had the pleasure of stepping into the booth of Lisa Raphael, a fantastic and very talented light fixture artist. She creates original and custom lamps from just about anything and can transform ordinary items in beautiful, whimsical, and interesting ways. Just to name a few, she's created lamps out of vintage blenders, type writers, cameras, microphones, and other old artifacts. I seriously can't wait to own one of her beautiful pieces! It's amazing how she's able to turn something as practical as lighting into something so magical.


Her talents however do not end at designing fanciful lighting, she is also both a videographer and photographer.


Check her out at www.raphael-creations.com to see more of her beautiful lighting, and at www.RaphaelFilms.com to see her photography. She's also on Instragram!

email: Lisa@RaphaelFilms.com, phone: 310.890.1888


Sabine Wester - hangbag and accessory designer.

When I saw the sign for "Bags Made From Fire Hoses" I had to stop and take a look. How was this possible?! Sabine Wester somehow figured it out. She's managed to take something no one would ever think of, such as an old fire hose, and give it new life as a beautiful accessory! She makes purses, she makes totes, she makes belts, laptop bags, and more! Her artistry is a perfect example of how to recycle and reuse materials. Her company is called Opaco Bags and her bags and accessories are really fantastic.


Check her out at www.opaco-bags.com to see her beautiful re-purposed creations and maybe snag a bag for yourself!

email: sabine@opaco.com, phone: 805.367.6902

Sergio & Lydia Pacay - Garden Unique by Pacay.

Succulents are one of my favorite types of plants. There's just something about their almost alien like appearance and resilience to survive (no matter how good or bad of a gardener you are) that appeals to me. So, when we came upon the Garden Unique booth and their creative take on hanging potted succulent arrangements, I had to stop and take a look. The Pacay's bring new meaning to hung potted plants with their literally framed succulent designs. Designed to be both playful and a bit surrealistic, these fun pieces would be a great addition to any eclectic porch or backyard.


Check out their etsy shop at www.etsy.com/shop/GardenUniquebyPacay

email: gubypacay@yahoo.com, phone: 626.643.5782


Aaron Kohl - Purveyor of Intriguing Metal Things.

Imagine for a moment, if you will, a little metal army of robots of various shapes and sizes standing guard on a warm Sunday afternoon. The creative mind of welder and metal sculptural artist, Aaron Kohl, has lovingly and creatively transformed metal objects that were once safes, lunch boxes, tools, radios, and just about anything else weld-able, into whimsical sculptural creatures that speak to the imagination. His beautiful, yet bizarre creations are so fantastically constructed that they look as though they'll up and walk away at any moment. It's really breathe taking what he's able to create with a few heavy duty tools and his imagination.


Check out Aaron's awesome sculptures at www.aaronkohl.com

email: aaron.kohl.usa@gmail.com , phone: 415.730.7118


These are only a few of the really great people that I was able to meet that day and while I'm not able to showcase everybody at this time, stay tuned to hearing about even more of the talented artists I met at the Rose Bowl Flea Market.

Check Out the First Episode at: DesignBliss.TV on YouTube.com

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