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February 27, 2014

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Twelve Steps to Bliss List - Step Two

January 6, 2014

Self-love is a key element to living a blissful life.

We as humans have been given a wonderful gift. We have been given the gift for the capacity to love and be loved, and this love should extend to one’s self. Finding bliss, and love for that matter, starts with you. It starts with realizing that you are worthy of love… worthy of bliss and happiness, worthy of forgiveness for past mistakes, worthy of self-acceptance in all your strengths and weaknesses, in your golden moments and faults, and in your uniqueness! It’s about embracing who you are and all that you are, as you are.



Sit in that thought for a moment. ‘I love who I am and all that I am, as I am.’  Take your time. Let it sink in. 


You are worthy of the life you wish to create for yourself. Once you realize this worth and see it in yourself, and love yourself without condition… love your body and soul in all its perfections and imperfections… and see the beauty you have to offer not just yourself, but the world… then you will find bliss.


It's not about being self-centered...

To love and value ones self isn't about being narcissistic or self-absorbed. It's not about being overly confident, having an inflated ego, disregarding others, or anything so shallow. Self-love is much deeper than that and is about respecting yourself, seeing your own worth, seeing your own beauty - inward and outward, and accepting who you are in this moment without condition and without judgement.


Self-love and acceptance inspires good will towards yourself and others, self-confidence, open-mindedness, peace of mind, and a realistic yet optimistic outlook on life.


'Self-lovers' have a sincere kindness about them. They set goals for themselves because they want to see themselves succeed. They respect and value other people's differences and opinions because they aren't projecting their own beliefs and morals onto others in order to gain validation within themselves. And further still they see the value other people offer through these differences in beliefs and ideas and how diversity enhances one's life. They understand the difference between doing and being, and know the fundamental difference between failing at something and being ‘a failure’. 


Not everything we do or try is going to end in success, but who we are as people isn’t dictated by our successes or failings. Failing at something, doesn’t make you a failure. Failure is just another one of life’s lessons that grants us the opportunity for growth and self-improvement; and understanding that is coming from the mindset of self-love. Not to say that 'self-lovers' never worry, feel sad, or have self-doubt, however they can pull themselves out of emotional setbacks because they accept their part in the matter and their ability to turn the situation around.


Becoming your best you... 





In addition to those things, loving one’s self is about doing what is in your best interest. It’s about taking care of your health and body; breaking bad habits; being honest with yourself about what you want and what’s important to you; surrounding yourself with people who build you up; taking control of your life; working towards becoming your best self and remaining in love with yourself through the mistakes you make along the way on this journey. It's about not blaming others for where you are, yet taking responsibility for yourself and for getting to where you want to be; and simply showing yourself and others the love, kindness, and respect you wish to receive. This is how you love yourself, and this love is the second step towards living a blissful life.


As many things are, self-love is an ongoing practice and requires continual forgiveness and acceptance of self. We are all works in progress and perfection is unattainable, but reaching for your best self on a daily basis gets you all that much closer to realizing the beautiful potential that lies within. 



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