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February 27, 2014

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Happy New Year!

January 1, 2014

Another year gone, another year older! Though I mean that in a positive way. Really I do!

There’s something about the idea of new beginnings that gives me goose-bumps and brings excitement to my core. It reminds us all that time is ever changing and always evolving, and offers us the symbolic chance to “start anew” and better ourselves.


No matter how 2013 went for you, take its blessings and lessons learned into 2014 and create the life you wish for yourself. If I’ve learned nothing else over the last 27 years, I’ve learned that we each have the power to take control of our destinies. And whether or not you act with intention in your life, what you do or don’t do effects where you are headed. 


So, while life itself may – and often does – put challenges and obstacles in our paths it is what we ultimately do with those challenges and obstacles that directs where we go. It’s up to each of us to take these hurtles and learn from, not dwell in them, because they are what shape who we are as human beings. Remember that life grants us blessings (which may not seem as such at the time) and often gives us gifts (which come in many forms), and recognize them as such, embrace them, and harness their power.


With that sentiment in mind, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Last year I introduced the My Artistic Bliss ‘12 Steps to Bliss List’, which outlined 12 simple steps for embracing the New Year and reaching for your dreams. This year, I’m reintroducing the list with a few updates based on my experiences from another year gone by and a few conservations with some very insightful thinkers. So, lets get inspired to take on the New Year and embrace our symbolic new beginning to create a life of bliss!


Stay tuned for the 2014 My Artistic Bliss 12 Steps to Bliss List!

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