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February 27, 2014

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A Christmas Quickie: DIY Mini-Christmas Tree

December 12, 2013

I did this quick Christmas project in about 15 minutes and spent $0!


Here's how you can make your own mini Christmas Tree in 5 easy steps, without spending a dime!
You'll need:
  • Pine Tree Branches - if you go to your local Home Depot or Christmas tree dealer, they'll give you left over scraps of the trees they've shaped for free if you ask! These scraps would otherwise be thrown away at the end of the day. We got enough to also dress our mantel! Click Here to see how!

  • A Pair of Garden Shears - this will come in handy for trimming branches

  • A Pot - to house your tree (I just so happen has this silver Christmas-y one

  • A Rubber Band - make sure it's a nice and stretchy one! You'll be using this to hold all the branches together at the base of your tree

  • Festive Christmas Ribbon - to dress the base of your tree (this is only seen peeking through the moss)

  • Beads, rocks, pebbles - or anything else that can be used to fill the bottom of your pot. This will be used to support your tree and counter any top heaviness of your finished tree. 

  • A Bag of Moss - to add as a filler

  • Forest Green String - to help shape your tree (any dark green will do)

  • Christmas Tree Decorations - for obvious reasons..... and,

  • A Mini-Chalkboard Sign and Chalk (optional) - I just so happened to have these things lying around the house as well, though I know this make not be the norm. 


Step One: Line Your Pot.

The first step is simple! Just pour whatever you chose to weigh down your pot into the bottom of it. I used these glass pebbles I had, though you may use small rocks, beads, rice, or even dried beans!

Step Two: Arrange your branches

Just like you might do a bouquet of flowers, arrange your branches to create an aesthetically pleasing design that is reminiscent of a traditional Christmas Tree. Aim for placing a nice tall one in the middle and building out and around that one with shorter branches. Turn the bouquet in your hand as you build it to create an even tree that tapers down and out from top to bottom. Then, wrap the rubber band around the base of your tree to hold it all together as snug as possible without breaking the band. Lastly take your Christmas-y ribbon and wrap it around your base as well, tucking in the last bit to hold it in place.


Step Three: Plant Your Tree & Shape It

With your tree now held tightly together push it down into the pebbles in your pot until it stands up on it's own. With the help of a third hand holding the base in place (ideally one that belongs to a family member or friend), take the forest green string and tie it in a knot around one of the branches on the side of your tree. Next take the string across through the middle of the three to the opposite side and loop it around a branch that is hanging the lowest on that side. Then take the string and gently pull it towards center and loop it around another branch that you'd like to have stand more straight. Repeat this until you are satisfied with the look of your tree.

Step Four: Send a Message

Using the mini-chalkboard and chalk (in my case white pastel) write a message. My message was simple and clear... 'Merry X-mas'!

Step Five: Fill Out The Base

With the moss, fill in the gaps between the pot and the plant all the way around the base of your tree. Then take your sign and Christmas decorations, and decorate it.


And with that you're done!

I hope this post inspires you to take some creative license with some items around your house this holiday season.


Happy Holidays!

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