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February 27, 2014

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December 9, 2013

Dressing Your Mantel This Christmas

So your Christmas tree is up and in place, decorated to the nines in lights, strung beads, and your favorite memory filled Christmas ornaments. You have your poinsettias, and table centerpieces, and Christmas throw pillows; even your stockings are up, however something is still missing. But what?

It's your mantel... it's still so unbelievably... naked. But fear not! Because I have a lovely and festive rustic Christmas Mantel-scape that will complete the scene for your holiday merriment. And it's really a rather simple solution to dressing even the most indecently naked mantel this holiday season.


Where to start?

Start at home! Start with some old, but good favorites that are versatile enough to work with any theme of decorating. I began with our collection of Christmas stockings, a miniature faux Christmas tree, strung silver beads, and our beaded Christmas Star tree topper. As far as I'm concerned you don't have to purchase an entirely new set of Christmas stocking or even decorations, every time you'd like to change the theme of your holiday dressings. With that said, we did make an unexpectedly fruitful trip to our local Marshall's and found some great rustic holiday decorations that did just the trick.


Dressing The Mantel Tree
We picked up these lovely little wooden vintage looking ornaments from Marshall's. The assortment included red nosed reindeer, smiling snowmen, well wishing candy canes, and little star topped Christmas trees, along with an adorable sign 'The Magic of the Season'. My sentiments exactly.


Creating A Christmas Centerpiece

Every mantel needs a centerpiece, and this holiday mantel was no different. I took this handcrafted driftwood angel (that we also found at Marshall's) and attached it to a piece of pine tree wood we got free from Home Depot! This miniature side project took no longer than five minutes tops.

Rustic Stocking Holders

Our final Marshall's finds were these adorable Wooden Snowflake stocking holders and these rustic handcrafted driftwood Christmas Tree tree ornaments. I placed these at the top of each Christmas stocking (only the snow flakes are actual holders), along with the Driftwood Angel at center. Also notice that we didn't take everything that's normally on the mantel off; our African artifacts easily made the transition into the holiday season. Leaving touches like these adds to the warmth of the mantel-scape by keeping it personal.


A Variation that I didn't use, but think would be lovely! In place of artifacts or your usually mantel 'pieces', how about outfitting your mantel with an assortment of framed family photos amongst the foliage and rustic finds? That would be quite lovely.


O' Mantel Place, O' Mantel Place...

One of my most favorite touches of a rustic mantel is the greenery. All of the greenery I used for our mantel was FREE. You heard right, FREE! If you go to your local Home Depot and ask for Christmas tree scraps they'll gladly give them to you free of charge. We also picked up a few coins of pine tree stumps the same way (free to take), which I used for standing the angel and placed around the mantel amongst the foliage. Additionally I mixed in a few cuttings of holly from the tree in our yard for contrast.


Final Touches

Per-usual, nothing escapes my holiday cheer! So, I decided to use some extra scraps of the pine tree branches to fill out some space on the console table behind the couch.

As another final touch I decided to go back and add a few silvery Christmas ornaments for further contrast from all the green. Now it's done!


I hope you enjoyed these tips and a peek into my love affair with Holiday Decorating!

Happy Holidays!

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