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February 27, 2014

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Lets Get Crafty: Fall Decorating

October 15, 2013

How I turned a few found objects and craft store finds into a fun, creative, and rustic Fall decoration.

Like a child I have the tendency of picking up random things I find as I go on about my day. Things with interesting or beautiful textures and colors that in my mind might amount to some type of art project or crafty creation one day. My boyfriend thinks I'm a bit of a hoarder, but I like to think of myself as a collector of aesthetically pleasing things. Luckily enough I found a way to use these beautiful dried pods and sticks that I found outside of my boyfriend's house that had fallen out of the Jacaranda and Maple trees and onto the ground, to create a fun and rustic Fall "bouquet".


Year round in our house a tall glass vase sits on the mantel with seasonally appropriate objects or flowers in it. Which by the way, is a great way to easily add a bit of a seasonal update to a space.


In the Winter this vase tends to have holly branches cut fresh from the tree in our yard arranged in it with a string of white Christmas lights. In the Spring you might find it filled with cherry blossom branches or fresh cut flowers, and during the Summer an assortment of rocks and seashells rest in it on a bed on sand. So for Fall it only makes sense to fill it with things from the season: colorful dried leaves, the assortment of dried pods and sticks I've been collecting on a whim, and some long stocks of dried wheat and reeds purchased from the crafts store.

Putting this decoration together was quite simple actually. The vase, as I stated before was something we just so happen to have around the house, though that can easily be purchased from a craft or home decor store. The stocks of wheat and reeds, as well as the branches of colorful dried fall leaves, we picked up from the craft store to fill out the vase and add height and depth to the piece. These usually can also be found in the flower department of your local grocery store about this time of year as well. And the found objects I found on the ground under trees in my boyfriend's yard, can easily be found outside of your house in your own yard or by visiting a local park (though stick to the ones that naturally dry and fall to the ground... I'm not encouraging anyone to deface or harm public property).


I started by wiping down the glass vase using glass cleaner and a couple of pieces of paper towel. I did this on the in- and outside of the vase to remove any dust that had collected in and on it. Then I placed in about half of my found objects and some of the dried leaves. I placed them in deliberately and tried to create a sense of balance in the jar... not place too many of the same types of objects directly next to each other. Next I added in some of the stocks of wheat and reeds and pushing them down into the objects below with the same idea of balance in mind. Lastly I added more of the found objects and leaves around the stocks to fill out the rest of the vase, and topped it all off by tying a bright orange sheer ribbon around the vase, slightly below center.

And with that I was done! Now the vase rests on the mantel place ushering in the Fall season with a bit of seasonally appropriate cheer!


Happy Artful Wednesday!

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