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An Eye On Design:

February 27, 2014

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So I Think it's Time for a New Window... Stopping the Mocking of Unfinished Business

October 1, 2013

The Studio Door Project: A Solution for a Window Pane

My Solution to Affording Custom Stained Glass

From the very beginning of the project I knew I would need to do something different with the existing glass pane in the door. This door after all is going to be for a room not only used as an art studio, but also a guest house, which means privacy is key; however the point of having a door with a window in it is to allow light into a room.


I considered textured glass, of which there are many choices, though nothing that particularly spoke to me. I considered stained glass, however quickly found that if you want something custom made and gorgeous it comes with a steep price - of which this poor artist can not afford.


And then I discovered GLASS PAINTING, the affordable alternative to custom stained glass and more creative alternative to textured. I could hear the angels sing! It would provide everything I needed: affordability, privacy, a unique touch to the door, and of course the addition of my beloved color (man how I love color). It would give the door's window a stained glass look and feel without the $3000+ price tag I had been quoted. And all it would require is for me to do an additional project.



To make this work I would need to:

  • Develop a design thumbnail

  • Create a template design to scale

  • Purchase glass painting supplies

  • Clean the window's glass, and

  • Paint the window and allow it to cure.


Developing a design thumbnail​

The creative process can be a bit tricky. Mine usually involves a fair bit of procrastination. Today's? Some barbeque baby-back ribs, two movies I came across on cable, a shot of illy espresso, a few stretches, a google search for images of stained glass windows, a couple of preliminary sketches, one bathroom break, some chocolate covered salted caramels, a few minutes of checking my emails, the loading of laundry into the wash, the perusing of a stack of design books, the "crushing" of some candy on my phone (the game obviously), and a bit more sketching. All the while, the debate in my mind was.... birds in a tree, Spanish influenced design, or a graphic pattern?


I recently came across an image of a painting online called "27 Birds", it was a beautiful painting of a tree filled with different types of beautifully colored birds. I thought, "That painting would make gorgeous stained glass", and all other thoughts of what the design could be went out of my mind. That is, until today when for some reason it occurred to me why not something Spanish influenced? Our house is a Spanish style bungalow after all and the theme throughout the backyard is somewhat Spanish-y... if not Mexican in style. From the art, to the color choices, to the repeated use of desert plants like succulents and cacti.... so it would only make sense.


This sent me on the search for the inspiration I needed to make this window just what it needs to be... artistic and thoughtful. I didn't just want it to be a quick solution to a privacy problem... but rather the perfected thoughtful solution that spoke to my imagination. So after loading clothes into the drier and a bit more "creative processing", here are a few of the ideas I came up with...

I think they each could look great as stained glass, though what's your opinion? Help me decide, take the poll below! :)


Stay Tuned for my decision and the outcome of how the window turns out!

- Happy Tuesday!


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