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February 27, 2014

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"Why are beans falling out of your pockets...?!"

September 29, 2013

 ...a question I seriously had to ask my mom this morning, while we sat on her couch watching the Food Network.


She is an avid gardener when she has the time to keep up with all the work that goes into nurturing our green and leafy little friends. So I guess it shouldn't have come as such a surprise when little black and purple dried beans began to drop out of her pockets and onto the living room floor.


"I was out working in the garden this morning", she said... as she picked up the beans and went to grab a cup from the kitchen to put them in. That was in all honesty about the only answer she could've given that wouldn't have been weird.



"They're from those beans growing on the teepee in the backyard, this is what they look like..." she said handing me the cup. My judgements turned to curiosity as I took a glimpse of the gorgeous duo-tone colored beans that looked as though they each had been hand-painted with black and purple. Each splashed with love and individual creativity. "Ooo... they're so pretty!"


Earlier this year in spring, she sowed the Scarlet Runner Bean seeds that eventually would become a beautiful vine covered with orange flowers and green pods. It's lanky green arms wrapped themselves around the teepee as they climbed their way up towards the sky... As the summer came and went (well it's still on it's way out) the pods began to dry in the heat and sun; until this very day when she decided to open one up and see how they were doing. What she discovered would inspire us to dream...

We went on to dream up ideas for what could be done with the bean...


....we could simply cook and eat them; they are known for being a great source of iron,

....we could turn them into art, by creating some type of mosaic with them,

....we could save them for planting next year....


You never know where inspiration will come from. This morning it came in the form of a bean.... and before I knew it, I was outside picking dried beans out of pods and filling up my pockets.


Beans in Hand: Filling pockets on a bright Sunday Morning


For more information on Scarlet Runner Beans, check out this website: 


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