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An Eye On Design:

February 27, 2014

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12 Steps to Bliss List: Step Ten

February 25, 2013

Step Ten: Surround yourself with the things and people who bring you bliss.

I think it goes almost without saying that you reflect the things and people you surround yourself with.

If you surround yourself with negative people who feed off the misery they bring to others, you yourself start to mirror that negative personality; on the other hand, if you surround yourself with positive people who build up and treat others with respect and kindness, you are influenced by that positive energy. Likewise, if you surround yourself with clutter, you become disorganized and scattered; and conversely the opposite is true. Letting your surrounding reflect the person you want to be is a very important step towards living a blissful life. It’s just another part of setting yourself up for success. So, we go back to the question “who do you want to see?” and a new question “what does the surroundings of that person look like?”




If one of your goals for the New Year is to be a more fit and healthy person, think about what the life and surroundings of that person looks like. What’s in his/her pantry and refrigerator? What are his/her eating and exercise habits?  How does this healthy person spend his/her free time? How does he/she stay on track with his/her healthy lifestyle without feeling deprived? And how does this person feel about his/her body? 


​I’m going to answer the last question for you because I think that there is a common misconception that to work towards bettering one’s self, health or otherwise, is to say that there is something “wrong” with one’s self. On the contrary a person who works towards bettering themselves doesn’t do so out of hate or blame, this person does so out of love for self, and that’s the place you should come from always. Love yourself and therefore take care of yourself, and that includes your body, in its current state and the one you wish it to be. This is the place to come from to gain true bliss through your actions with any goal.




If one of your goals for the New Year is to strengthen your relationships, think about what the life and surroundings of a person with strong relationships would look like. How does he/she interact and treat other people? Who is that person in the lives of his/her loved ones? – a loving friend, a support system, a listening ear, a reliable ally? What is this persons key personality traits? – honesty, supportiveness, dependability, kind-heartedness, cheerfulness? How often does this person see the ones he/she cares about? And what is the quality of his/her interacts with them?


Think about the people in your life that mean the most to you. What is it about these people that make them mean so much and how do they make you feel about yourself? How do they influence your behavior? Learn from the love and friendship they show you and be that person in return. If you don’t have ideal relationships with the people around you, think about what type of relationship you would like to have and what influence you would like to have on other people. We get back what we put out into the world.




If one of your goals is to move up in your career or job, think about what a person with that career or job’s life and surroundings would look like. What time does this person wake up in the morning and what time does this person go to sleep? How does he/she balance other areas of his/her life? What type of worker is he/she? What does his/her work space look like? Is it organized and free of clutter? How does this person treat and support other people he/she work with? What does his/her living environment look like?  How does this person feel about the job he/she is doing? What is this person’s outlook? What type of goals does he/she have, and what does he/she do to achieve them?


If your career is your focus in the New Year, just as working on any other area of your life, it is important to think about how you are going to go about creating that ideal existence. It is important to have some type of plan in mind and goals that are appropriately set to aid in carrying out this plan.


Peace and Balance


And my last example. If one of your goals is to create peace and balance in the New Year, think about what the life and surroundings of a peaceful and balancing person looks like. What‘s in his/her living environment and how is it organized? What time does he/she wake up and go to sleep?  How does this person relax and treat themselves? What are his/her eating and exercise habits? How does this person feel about his/her life? And what does peace and balance mean to this person? 


Design is my life, and an important aspect of any great design is the plan behind it. We plan parties, we plan vacations, we research our next cell phone or car, but what amount of effort do we really extend to our lives? To the present we are living, and the future that we hope to create? I believe that it is just as important to deliberately work towards these things as we would do anything else. We should take things as they come and be flexible, but live with clear intention. However, if what you want for yourself isn’t yet clear to you, don’t worry; the universe will put hints in your life to help lead you where you are meant to be. And even if your “ultimate purpose” is still unknown to you, there must be things in your life that you know you want however small they may be; so work towards those in the meantime. Take the time to design your life and research how to make it possible for yourself!


Here’s a fun suggestion for the New Year – Whatever your goals for the New Year may be or whatever person you intend to become this year, how about creating the living environment you imagine that person exists in. The fit and healthy person, the person with strong relationship, the career minded go-getter, the peaceful and balanced person, or fill in the blank. Create a home for yourself that reflects who that person is to you; who you wish to be to yourself. In creating yourself this environment you are reinforcing the lifestyle changes you are making this year. Have fun with it and be playful. If you share a living space, like renting a room in a house of friends, or you still live at home with your parents, create this environment in your room or what personal space you have. There’s no excuse for not doing so, even on a limited budget anything is possible with a little creativity. 

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