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February 27, 2014

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12 Steps to Bliss List: Part Seven

February 11, 2013

Step Seven: Take Action!

The common misconception of vision boards is that it’s simply about wishing things into being. Well, that’s just silly. All great things in life take action… and finding bliss is no different!


So, once you’ve created your vision board, don’t be discouraged if things don’t simply manifest out of thin air. What the vision board will do, however, is bring the things you want to your attention. Knowing what you want brings that very thing to your awareness, and once it is brought into your awareness, it will appear to show up everywhere you turn. All of a sudden “puff!”, everywhere you’ll see the very thing you envision for your life. The reality of the matter is that those things were always there, passing you by, however, you simply didn’t notice them because it didn’t hold the same meaning to you. It's like when you buy a new car, and then begin to see the same car everywhere you go... it wasn't that the cars weren't driving about before you purchased your car, they simply weren't brought to your awareness 'til you started driving one yourself.


Where action comes into play is taking and creating opportunities for generating the change you wish to see in your life. If you’d like a more fulfilling social life, you have to get out to where people are. You can’t expect to meet your next best friend or new love interest sitting in the comfort of your living room (even though, with the internet anything is possible these days… though eventually you’ll still have to leave that couch you love so well). But the best way to take action is to put yourself out into the world and create situations that lend to accomplishing your goals… in this case meeting more and more people. If your goal is to revisit your love for art, take a class in painting or pottery making, or make it your goal to visit the local art museums in your area this year. Actions create progress. 


The practical way of accomplishing this is taking back out that list from Step Four, and adding 1-3 realistic actions you could take towards realizing each goal. As these actions are completed check them off! You may find yourself adding new goals and actions throughout the year to your list, and that’s perfectly fine! Life is ever evolving and there is nothing wrong with changing one’s mind. 

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