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February 27, 2014

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12 Steps to Bliss List: Step Six

February 4, 2013

Step Six: Believe it will be so. 

The next step goes back to Step One, “remembering that you have limitless potential and the capacity for greatness.” A vision board is of no use to someone who doesn’t believe in their own power to control the outcome of their life. Of course if you see yourself as a helpless victim of your life, and that things simply happen to you without your control or input, then besides being… how can I put this lightly… delusional, you are hurting your own chances of finding bliss. You are just as much creating the reality you live in when you believe life is happening to you, as you would be if you were to embrace your power and ability to create a life that is happening because of you. However, which mindset do you think is more likely to lead you to a life to be excited about?


Believing that your desires are possible and that you can create what you envision for yourself is an important step towards achieving bliss and will help you to use your vision board, and lists for that matter, to their fullest potentials. 

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