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February 27, 2014

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Welcome to the New Year!

January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!!!


Seconded only by the holiday season, the beginning of a new year is my favorite time of year! Something about the idea of new beginnings gives me goose-bumps and brings excitement to my core. It reminds me that time is ever changing and always evolving, and offers the symbolic chance to “start anew” and better myself.

No matter how 2012 went for you, take its blessings and lessons learned into 2013 and create the life you wish for yourself. If I’ve learned nothing else over my 26 years of life, I’ve learned that we each have control over our destinies. While life itself may, and often does, put challenges and obstacles in our path it is what we ultimately do with those challenges and obstacles that directs where we go. It’s up to each of us to take those things and learn from, not dwell in them. It is important to remember that life also grants us blessings and often gives us gifts; and it is up to each of us to recognize these gifts and blessings, embrace them, and be grateful for them.


So with that sentiment in mind, here is my New Years’ gift to you!! The Artistic Bliss: 12 Steps to Bliss List! This list was created to inspire you to take the opportunity to embrace the New Year as a new beginning for yourself to create a life of bliss and gain the desires of your heart.


12 Steps to Bliss List!



Step One: First off remember this: You have limitless potential and the capacity for greatness.

This is a key affirmation of sorts that everyone needs to remember, not just at the beginning of a new year, but all year long and throughout your life. Take this on for the moment if it is not a part of your belief system already: you have created the life you are currently living. This statement is simply truth and should empower you. While things may happen in your life that are out of your control, how you react to them, what you learn from them, and how you move forward after they occur, is solely up to you.


Take a moment to think about your life. Think about where you are, where you’ve been, who you’ve met over the years, who is in your life at this very moment, and who you are to yourself. Think about the decisions you have made over the course of your life, the chances you did and didn’t take, and the words you did or didn’t say. Think about your relationships, your jobs, your goals, your happiness, your depressions, and your fears. Think about what has and is dictating your life and the choices you make. Think about all the times you’ve said “yes” or “no” to one thing or another. All these things are elements of your life that were created by you. Your choices continually create your existence; and in this you have the power to create for yourself the future and life you wish to live.


This power, however, goes both ways. So also remember that you have the same power to stifle the progression of your life with pessimism, inaction and not learning from the lessons your life has been trying to teach you since your birth.


Sadly, some people remain cynical of this power and doubt the potential their life truly has and their ability to achieve greatness. For some reason cynicism has become an acceptable state of being. Even further, it is almost worn as a “badge of honor” by people who wish to think themselves as intellectual, but what does cynicism really grant you? What do you gain from victimizing yourself and being skeptical of your ability to control your own destiny, or even excel in life? And why is it easier to believe that you are limited by circumstance, than to believe that you aren’t?


So, this year I challenge you to take on this belief system: “I have limitless potential and the capacity for greatness.” What do you have to lose from shedding your self-doubt and taking on self-empowerment?

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