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February 27, 2014

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Feeling the call of inspiration... to garden.

August 3, 2012

I woke up this morning to another beautiful Southern Californian day and felt inspired to make the most of it.

Do you ever get the feeling that something magical is about to happen? Like there’s something in the air beckoning good vibrations to flow from your very being? That’s how I felt today. It’s like I had been taken over, without choice, by this creative and productive force and all I could do is succumb to it.



With that energy in toe, I spent the better part of the morning (and day) wrestling with over grown vines, invasive weeds, mounds of hay, and countless spiders that had taken over the far east corner of our backyard. It has been far overdue for a proper clearing and the poor garden bed was suffering for it. So I made it today's mission to "get-her-done" so to speak. Fall, after all, is slowly (or not so slowly) creeping upon us and if not now, when??



Armed with a pair of pink gloves, gardening sheers, and an audio book, I began to tackle the horrendous morning-glory monster that had taken up residence in our backyard.


It was a ghastly battle; triumphant some would say; and the morning-glory monster's spider-minions didn't make the battle any easier for me. The heat of the day blazed on, thickening the air around me, debris flew left and right as I hacked at the enormous beast! I wrestled its remains into green-waste bins, that are now overflowing, and black trash bags, that await Monday's trash pickup... saving only leaves to be adding to the composing bins (vines create problems).


After hours of fighting, sweating, and much earned exhaustion, I uncovered the majority of the raised garden bed that the monster had claimed as its own for months. Now only leaves remain, which I will deal with after some much needed rest and when the day finally cools down. My fingers are a bit red and sore, and I'm in dire need of a shower, but it feels good to finally restore the bed to its former glory... bare, but ready to be properly transformed into a beautiful butterfly and hummingbird flower garden we dream it to become. The beast has been slayed.


I can't wait to see flowers spring out of the soil and beautiful wildlife populate that area (as wild as it gets in the middle of the city, though you'd be surprised), beckoned by the fragrances of the foliage to come. This bed in particular can be seen from one of my studios windows... and I anticipate that with that window open once the flowers are blooming, the scent of the flowers will float on the air and in through that window to greet and inspire me on a daily basis.

 Uncovering the cement block wall behind all of those vines and weeds has also brought forth a new idea! A way of bringing more artistic valor to the backyard and that wall to another level! Dangerous, because my "want-to/need-to do" list is grown rather huffy, though what's the harm of one more idea??


The idea? To either paint that wall a solid color... or paint a mural on it, even maybe an abstract one.


If I choose the solid color option, I'll probably color stucco to plaster the wall with rather than actually "painting" the wall. It seems like that would handle the elements better and possibly maintain its look longer.  Thinking more about it, if I go with the "solid color stucco plastering" idea I'd probably also add mosaic tiles, bits of mirror, and colorful glass pebbles into the mix. Delicately placing them onto the wall in the still wet plaster, creating patterns and swirling lines for the eyes to follow, in beautiful colors that catch the sun's light. That sounds potentially enchanting and tedious, though I've never been one to be afraid of a bit of hard work.... and honestly I love a challenge.


The mural option... will take more thought. I'd have to figure out what I would paint, what type of paint I would use, how to protect it from the elements, etc, etc.


Either way, it's always amazingly invigorating when inspiration strikes, and the best advice I can give about that it to just run with it... let it take you away and to new highs... inspire and move you to do great things or at least to complete chores you may have been avoiding. Like battling a "morning-glory monster" or pile of laundry or a new song or business venture, the sweat on your brow, ache in your muscles, and wear in your voice will be well worth the effort and maybe even inspire you to take things to the next level!


Happy Wednesday!

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