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February 27, 2014

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Unthinkably good things can happen

July 26, 2012

“Unthinkably good things can happen…” 


...a sentiment that inspires both hope and fear in me at the same time… and a line from one of my favorite movies. The hope it inspires is for quite obvious reasons, though the fear… is because with hope comes the possibility of disappointment. A sad, but common fear for many... myself included.


I re-watched one of my favorite movies last night for the 50-millionth time… Under the Tuscan Sun; it’s really a beautiful movie. It’s based on a book written by Frances Mayes that I still haven’t read, though it’s been on my “to-do” list for many years. It’s about love, renovation, food, relationships, faith, and taking chances. It depicts love and inspiration as something that can come in many forms, from many different people; and family and friends in the same light. It’s less a traditional romantic comedy about finding love and the happiness that “that special someone” can bring to your life, yet more so about taking leaps of faith within ones-self and the happiest and self-fulfillment that comes with that. Sometimes in life you have to just leap and trust that your feet will find their way to safe and solid ground. And further still… sometimes that leap itself can save your life all together and bring about the happiness you had been searching for all along.


Everytime I watch it I feel each scene like I’ve never seen it before. I cry and laugh with the main character, feel and dream with her. Something about the message of, generally speaking… “all good things come to those who wait”, inspires in me the notion that with time, life will provide everything asked of it. Not to say there isn’t work involved in the meantime, though that life works itself out if you don’t allow fear to hold you back. And that even though things may happen in their own way, a way you didn’t or couldn’t have imagined… the unimaginable can be far greater than anything you could have foreseen or planned for yourself.


This year… really, the last two years… have been a time of many changes for me. I’ve been taking leaps like it’s nobody’s business… (ended a long-term relationship, faced some fears, allowed myself to be painfully honest and uncomfortably brave, taken my dreams more seriously), and while it’s been unnerving and scary at times, I feel like I’ve grown a lot.  I decided to have faith in life, my dreams, and myself; instead of being comfortable in things that had become uncomfortable; instead of allowing fear and doubts to hold me back… instead of accepting the way things had been going. My life wasn’t so bad, but I want to be able to describe my life as more than “not so bad”… try fantastic… or amazing… or inspired?!


I’m not saying that I’m to the point where I can with absolute certainty say that things are or will be “greater than I had imagined”… though I have been through things that I thought could be the end of me, that weren’t and I do feel that I've found myself again. I've given myself permission to actively seek happiness, and have been preparing the way for it with leaps of faith, honesty, and an open heart. In this frame of mind I’ve met people along the way that have helped me to grow in new ways, who've offered me love in various forms, and who see more in me than I’ve seen in myself for a while. I'm getting to know my inner muse again. It’s a process that takes time… like anything great does.


Another lovely point made by the movie as put by Katherine (an eccentric former actress), and also quite inspired is “…let the ladybugs come to you”. Let me explain in the words of the character Katherine. “When I was a little girl”, she started… “I used to spend hours looking for ladybugs. Finally, I’d just give up and fall asleep in the grass. When I woke up, they were crawling all over me.” Beyond leap taking, sometimes it takes letting go to find what you are looking for. So to that end… take chances and prepare the way for your own ladybugs to find you and let life do its thing. Let faith guide you because unthinkably good things are possible.


Question for my readers: Taken any leaps lately or in the past that you feel changed the direction of your life? How about chances you could have taken, that you didn't? What stopped you from leaping? I'd love to hear from you.


Challenge for my readers: Take a chance today or within the next week! Come back and tell me about it!

Have a great day and much love!

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