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February 27, 2014

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The Art of Sunday Morning Frittatas

July 22, 2012

Anything can be artful if you allow yourself to see it that way.


Take a frittata for instance... it's a beautiful combination of eggs, herbs, vegetables, protein and a little milk. Just look at the lovely colors the mix of veggies, herbs and meat creates! You don't even need a recipe to create this wonderfully delicious dish, just your imagination and whatever you have in the fridge. Though here's what I did...

But first slight detour down memory lane....

Growing up I use to spend my summer vacations at my grandparents' house in Las Vegas. I'd fill my days with bike rides, swimming pools, cartoons, and misadventures with other neighborhood children. The days almost ran together as the endless excitement of youth-hood persisted, however the one day that always stood out from the rest was Sunday.


Sundays around Ted and Betty's house (my grandparents) consisted of three things: church, brunch, and naps... in that order. And while as a child church wasn't the most exciting place to go, the promise of brunch afterwards was always welcomed. My grandmother was (and still is) a great cook, and I loved her food! I credit her for my love of cooking, baking and eating.  I remember walking in from church mouth-watering and ready for one of her legendary Sunday brunches and would help the cooking ensue. Grandmahouse, what we lovingly call my grandmother and a story for another day, generally would cook things like hashbrowns, grits, bacon, and scrambled or poached eggs on Sundays. Usually served with a side of toast or English muffin and a glass of orange juice as well. The combination seems so simple now, though something about her making it for us after church and the love she would put into it made the meal seem magical.


Now, back to the present and that frittata!


As I was saying, frittatas are such a non-fuss dish that you really don't need a recipe to make one. As long as you have eggs, a bit of milk (which is optional if you're lactose-intolerant), some veggies, and some meat (also optional if you're a vegetarian), you can make a delicious frittata in about... 30mins? with anything combination of ingredients. My only suggestion for aesthetics sake is to use vegetables of varying colors! If you need more of a reason then, "it looks so pretty that way"... know that the colors of various vegetables are related to the vitamins and health properties it provides. So you'll be getting more of a variety of healthy goodness if you use more than one color of veggies in your frittata!​


Currently, I'm in Vegas visiting with my grandparents, so when Sunday came around I repaid the favor of Sunday brunches with this lovely frittata.

My frittata consisted of:

  • 8 eggs

  • 1 tomato

  • 1 zucchini

  • 4 precooked pork sausages

  • a splash of milk

  • olive oil

  • shredded cheese


... and about a teaspoon of each of the following:

  • parsley

  • italian seasoning

  • garlic powder

  • dill weed

  • thyme

  • salt and pepper

Cooking is all about the collaboration between flavors and use of your 5 senses. The smell of the ingredients before and after they are brought together; the feel of the ingredients in your hands as you add them to the skillet; the sound of the sizzling food in the skillet; the sight the color of the ingredients commingling in the skillet produce; and of course the taste of what you just created! Cooking is a full experience in and of its self, and if you are truly present in the moment, you'll see the beauty in it!


I started by chopping up the zucchini into cubes. I then putting the zucchini into a small bowl and adding all the herbs, salt and pepper to them and mixing it together. I set that aside and heated an oven-safe skillet on about medium heat, adding about a tablespoon of olive oil to the pan. I then scooped in the zucchini, herbs and all, into the hot pan with a wooden spoon.



(If you're using different ingredients, start with the vegetable that takes the longest to cook... also, if you're using a meat that is uncooked to begin with, cook that in the skillet first, then add the vegetable that takes the longest to cook).


Next, I mixed the zucchini around, allowing each piece to get coated in the olive oil. While that continued to cook, I chopping up my tomato into cubes and set that aside. Then took the 4 precooked sausages and cut them into about five pieces each, added them to the skillet, and made sure to coat them in the herb and zucchini infused olive oil as well.  Next I cracked the eggs into a medium sized bowl with a splash of milk, and used a whisk to scrambled them all together. I then turned my attention back to the zucchini and sausage, mixing them again and looking for both to have a bit of color on them (by this meaning a bit of brown on the pieces). Then I poured the egg mixture into the skillet.

I don't know if you've heard of the trick to making an omelets, though I used that technique to "scramble" the mix together. The trick is to take the spoon or spatchula and pull the egg as it's cooking away from the middle of the pan outward towards the sides, allowing uncooked egg to get to the bottom. You give it a moment to cook, then pull the egg at the sides of the pan towards the center, to allow the uncooked egg to get to the bottom as well. This is done from all angles. You give the eggs another moment to set... you do this until its firmer, but not fully cooked (note that it doesn't take very long for this all to occur... from chopping to oven... this all takes about 10minutes)... Speaking of which, this is when you should preheat the oven to 400 degrees F.

The eggs should be cooking, though not fully cooked. I then added about half of the tomatoes at this point, mixed it in genitally and evenly throughout the dish... then added the rest across the top.

I gave it a moment to firm a bit more, then placed the skillet into the heated oven for 20minutes.


And waalaa! Sunday Frittata...

All that was left to do at this point was sprinkle some cheese over the top, slice and enjoy. And that we did!

 I hope this blog inspired you to head into the kitchen and cook up something delicious for the ones you love!

Much love and have a lovely day!

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