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February 27, 2014

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Pinterest Mania

July 12, 2012

Heard of it yet? If not, you must not be a news watcher or have a mother that’s “hip” to the new this or that in the cyber world, like mine. Though I have to say, this is one trend I can follow.


I’m generally not a “trendy” person. I don’t need to have or do the latest thing for popularity’s sake; my sense of style is based on my own ever evolving aesthetic tastes rather than what’s “in”, or what reality or pop stars are wearing or doing; and I even at times resist things that are new because I’m set in my ways like an 85year old woman who still has the same living room set she’s had since back in the 1957 (I'm only 25 by the way). Though Pinterest is based on something I’ve been doing for years.


The basic idea of Pinterest is that you “pin”… or otherwise like images, ideas, recipes, articles, etc, etc… that have been posted up somewhere in cyberspace to your “board” or otherwise interest folders, to remember, draw inspiration from, or just have easy access of at any time. The reason I say I’ve been doing this for years is because I have word documents and powerpoints galore that I’ve copied and pasted random this or that to for the same reason. Only makes me wonder, why didn’t I come up with it first??

Anyway, if you too have caught the “Pinterest bug” you should checkout my boards! Follow me on Pinterest or just start pinning things that inspire you.



Happy Friday the 13th!

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