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February 27, 2014

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Looking out of Windows

July 5, 2012

I actively looked out of windows as a kid...


...the window of the house; of a car; of a classroom. I saw the world and all its beauty, and to me it was wondrous and magical. I noticed things like the ridges on leaves, the sensation of wet sand on my toes, the coldness of ice cream on my teeth. My imagination ran rampant coming up with the silliest of things without hesitation or restraint. Pure creativity was organic and effortless. I would see a cave in bedsheets draped over a few chairs; a volcano out of a fork sculpted pile of mashed potatoes; a tiny army in a line of ants; a puppy’s image in a passing cloud; magic in everything.


Remember walking in the rain as a child? Watching as small streams formed along the curbs edge; flowing with purpose to its destination carrying leaves you imagine to be little boats? Remember noticing the smell that came with that rain, the sounds it created, the way the sky changed, or even jumping in puddles without a second thought?


Imagination and wonder are things that as an adult it’s difficult to grasp for longer than a moment at times. Clutter fills our minds rather than beauty. Work, bills, obligations, worries, politics… I’ve found that with adulthood, comes a loss of artistic bliss. We stop seeing beauty in the world because we become convinced that what really matters is the daily grind. We feel so overwhelmed that stopping to “smell the roses” seems like a waste of a moment that we could have been doing something “productive”.  Of course we all have our moments of lucidness where we remember that life is more than the clutter. Some of us more often than others, though it’s not our faults. It’s the way the system has set it up to be… think about it, it’s hard to keep a dreamer in a cubical for very long.


Though I believe that imagination and wonder is medicine for our souls and both enhance our lives! Remembering what the world looked like from the child version of ourselves on a daily basis will bring our awareness back to the simple truth, that the world hasn’t changed so much as our perceptions of it has.


Take a moment sometime today to just stop and notice the world around you. See its beauty and use your artistic bliss to record the moment for yourself.


Today and everyday let's remember to actively look outside of windows, or better yet go outside and truly SEE the world!

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