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Well Designed - the My Artistic Bliss Design Studio is dedicated to creating warm, inviting, balanced, and harmonious residential and commercial environments that lend themselves to functionality, beauty, and innovation. I aim to create personalized spaces that speak directly to those who inhabit them and to enhance quality of life through my designs. It is my goal to use both creative design techniques and sustainable materials and practices to develop unique spaces, and provide a variety of design services that range from creating an initial design concept to the completion of and realization of those designs. 

"I'm not in the business of creating 'cookie-cutter' designs, but rather unique environments that tells a story about the people who dwell within the space and what matters to them most. By doing this I create refined unique spaces that look pulled together overtime with care, rather than simply choosen off of a showroom floor or copied from a magazine."

- Noelle Meaway

Design Consultation:


The first step in any design project or art commission is to have a design consultation meeting. Well Designed proudly takes on projects both large and small. A design consultation provides a foundation on which your project can stand. By beginning with a comprehensive meeting that covers all the important details of your project, I can help you with any design or decor needs you may have; all at your pace and on your budget.


For a flat consultation fee I will come and view the site and discuss the important details of the project, as well as answer any questions you may have about the design process. It is recommended that all decision makers in the process be present at this meeting, and you can expect the meeting to last one to three hours dependent on the scope of work desired. 

Full Service Design Development & Project Management:

Well Designed provides full-service professional design development and project management that takes your project from dream to reality. After the initial Design Consultation, I will create conceptual sketches to illustrate the redesigned space. Then a specification book can be created to use as a guide to execute the project to completion. This includes the selection, presentation, and specification of all materials, fixtures and finishes needed to complete the space. 


In the Project Management phase the project is entirely overseen by me to assure that the Design Development we have worked so hard to create is exquisitely executed using reliable and reputable trade professionals and resources, on time and on budget.

Decor & Styling Services: 


Well Designed has the eye and expertise, as well as valuable trade resources, to provide a designer's touch and insure your space is uniquely tailored to you. Allow me to finish off your newly designed space with custom procured furnishings, window treatments, area rugs, art and accessories to give your space a fully put together look. My decor and styling services are so much more than simply choosing a few throw pillows. Well Designed addresses your needs and design aesthetic in terms of your personality and lifestlye, the function and use of the space, the layout and flow of the space, and the atmosphere you seek to create. It is my goal as both an artist and designer to create seemless designs that flow naturally from room to room. 

Art Commissions: 


Together, let's design your dream piece. Whether  you are in search of one-of-a-kind pieces, art installations, or unique furnishings for your space the Well Designed Studio can help. I'll take on art and design commission projects both large and small, to create something special for your home, office, or business. From paintings, sketches, coffee tables, and headboard, to large scale murals, or wall and ceiling installations, let's create something truely unique for your dwelling. 


For more information about getting a commissioned art piece created for your home, office, or business Contact Bliss.   

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