Collection of Work

Art, design, and exploration make my world go round, and sharing it all with my readers inspires me to do and create so much more. Below you'll find photographs, illustrations, and renderings from my design projects; personal and commissioned artwork, pieces, and projects; and photographs from my travels locally, nationally, and internationally. Enjoy! 


I'm a hands on kind of designer. When I work on an interior or exterior dwelling, I take great pride in building a collection of furnishings, decor pieces, accessories, and artwork that create one-of-a-kind spaces and tell a story. Like any art form it's about creating layers, balance, and depth in a space. In interior design these layers are created through using a mix of textures, textiles, light sources, and decor pieces that compliment each other in harmonious ways.

Bungalow Dinning Room
The Details
Creating a Peaceful Space
Dining Room
Dining Room
Cosy bungalow living room.
Contemporary Kitchen
Contemporary Kitchen
Contemporary Kitchen Remodel
Window dressing, bathroom windowsill
Artful small bathroom remodel.
Artful small bathroom gallery wall.
Hand painted stained glass door window
Handmade rustic windchime
An outdoor retreat that feels just as livable as inside of the house
The process of design. Working from abstract to practical
Handmade paper, wood, and cloth lantern #crafty #myartisticbliss
Handcrafted wood and paper lantern.
Hard at work
Drafting the day way
I take a hands on approach to design
Would you believe me if I told you this painting is in the process of becoming a self portrait_ #art
Today we made a headboard. I think it turned out great for $20, the majority of which was spent on s
#sunflower #acrylicpaint #art #painting
#gouachepainting #pinecone #painting #art #gouache
#ladybug #painting #art #acrylicpaint
#silouette #painting #pinecone #gouache #art #gouachepainting
Unfinished #hummingbird
#pinecone #painting #art #gouache #gouachepainting
#scissors #painting #art #acrylicpainting #acrylicpaint #acrylics
#pinecone #pencil #drawing #art
Pins on a line, in Acrylics
Creating pattern with line
Handpainted stained glass door window
Hand painted stained glass.
The light from outside catches the colors beautifully
Color block concrete block wall mural
Drowning in a sea of fabric and missing the great outdoors

Arts & Crafts

Personally, I love getting my hands dirty. Whether it’s soil from the garden, hand kneaded dough for pie crust, the colorful chalky dust of pastels, sawdust, or paint… I’m in love! Growing up art was always my refuge. I aired on the side of a ‘tomboy’, more concerned about having fun, being creative, and going on adventures, than how I looked. I passionately lived by the model “clothes can always be washed". I found freedom in art and the exploration it offered, and still do ’til this day. 


Planes, trains, and automobiles! By any means necessary, I'm up for adventure and ready to see the world. Before you can truly know your place in this world, you must experience it, taste it, touch it, and see it for yourself. Exploring it, near and far, opens your eyes to so much beauty, history, wonder, and excitement. Whether, locally, nationally, or internationally, I feel compelled to explore the greater world around me, meet the locals and experience the unique cultures, art, architecture, food, customs, and landscapes these places have to offer. 

Meet Stanley! He’s 9yrs old and 17’ feet tall
The view from Front Street, Lahaina
A rustic and quaint outdoor wine tasting
Grants Pass
The painted ladies
That slow build to when you finally start to appreciate good beer and you realize not all beer is bi
King Street Station
Exploring the gardens with the Ptasinski family
Angels Flight, 1901 railway
The way down
Ok, just a few more pictures from last nights awesome V-day date night at _cinespia in DTLA
Oh my, how beautiful is this theater_ My Valentine’s Day Surprise..
If only going to the movies was like this all the time
On the way to Crystal Cove Beach
Like stepping into the past
These light fixtures are so beautiful! A part of me wishes they'd rotate clockwise on the outer ring
Here come the horses
Looks like there's getting ready for something big at City Hall today
Spring sunsets in California
Downtown Seattle streets. So, cool
One of the many buddhas of the Lavender Farm. Ali'i Kula Lavender Farm. Nice change of pace, cooler
I love nature. Kula Botanical Gardens
Fire in the sky. Northern California
I strongly believe in the importance of stopping to take in the beauty and wonder of nature and toda
Down on the boardwalk
Welcome to Old Town Portland
You know me, I have to find architecture wherever I go, like this beautiful theatre in Eureka, CA
Now that’s what I call a beard
Summer night sky amongst the architecture of downtown LA
Lines. Edges. Corners
Walking through the neighborhood, every time I pass the Crossroads of the World I’m compelled to tak
Griffith Park Observatory, weekend hikings
On the road again. On the way to the aquarium
A whole store devoted to mystery novels!_! #Seattle #latesummersvacation #LAgirl #travel #wednesday
Beach day, Wednesday morning. Another beautiful day... the trips coming to its end though
Ghost town. I love going to interesting roadside attractions
Headquarters Campground, Kernville Ca
Today we're site seeing in Modena. Cobblestones!! I love cobblestones
Who would have thought waiting for a train could be so beautiful
Kings Canyon Camping
Our first lunch in Venice
#venice #TravelingAbroad #italia ❤️#canals #beautiful
That waiting game
Like a snapshot in time #Pompeii is both remarkable and sad
I love road trips..
So peaceful! #hiking #beautiful #nature #summer #californialiving #adventure
Florence train station
Roman bike day. Private guided bike tour of Rome, the Appian Way, and Roman countryside
Ancient aqueducts that carried water down from the mountains into Rome

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Our first lunch in Venice