Collection of Work

Art, design, and exploration make my world go round, and sharing it all with my readers inspires me to do and create so much more. Below you'll find photographs, illustrations, and renderings from my design projects; personal and commissioned artwork, pieces, and projects; and photographs from my travels locally, nationally, and internationally. Enjoy! 


I'm a hands on kind of designer. When I work on an interior or exterior dwelling, I take great pride in building a collection of furnishings, decor pieces, accessories, and artwork that create one-of-a-kind spaces and tell a story. Like any art form it's about creating layers, balance, and depth in a space. In interior design these layers are created through using a mix of textures, textiles, light sources, and decor pieces that compliment each other in harmonious ways.

Arts & Crafts


Personally, I love getting my hands dirty. Whether it’s soil from the garden, hand kneaded dough for pie crust, the colorful chalky dust of pastels, sawdust, or paint… I’m in love! Growing up art was always my refuge. I aired on the side of a ‘tomboy’, more concerned about having fun, being creative, and going on adventures, than how I looked. I passionately lived by the model “clothes can always be washed". I found freedom in art and the exploration it offered, and still do ’til this day. 


Planes, trains, and automobiles! By any means necessary, I'm up for adventure and ready to see the world. Before you can truly know your place in this world, you must experience it, taste it, touch it, and see it for yourself. Exploring it, near and far, opens your eyes to so much beauty, history, wonder, and excitement. Whether, locally, nationally, or internationally, I feel compelled to explore the greater world around me, meet the locals and experience the unique cultures, art, architecture, food, customs, and landscapes these places have to offer. 

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