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October 10, 2013

The Studio Door Project: Part Five (A) - Getting Her Done

My Solution to Affording Custom Stained Glass

When the very talented stained glass artist from Utah quoted me $3000-$3500+ to make a custom recycled-bottle stained glass window for the dimensions I gave her, my heart was a bit crushed. That was...

October 3, 2013

So the verdict is in, and Day and Night Desert is the fan favorite. My thanks goes out to all who voted! This is going to make a beautiful stained glass painted window for my studio door refurbishing project. I spent the afternoon drawing out the template for my window, then tracing it with liquid l...

October 1, 2013

The Studio Door Project: A Solution for a Window Pane

My Solution to Affording Custom Stained Glass

From the very beginning of the project I knew I would need to do something different with the existing glass pane in the door. This door after all is going to be for a room not only used as an art studi...

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Art and Design bring us together…. They allows us to express our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and share our experiences. They can make us think, cry, laugh, change, and grow. That is artistic bliss. It’s the magic, splendor and self-awareness art and design have to offer. And that’s what this blog is all about… creating a life full of art, good design, beauty, adventure, gratitude, depth, and meaning.​

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July 1, 2018

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