This is literally in front of my eyes! #lifeisbeautiful #Travelingabroad #Pompeii ❤️
Imagination takes flight
The city's influx of pumpkins really is the only thing that makes it feel like fall at all with all
Our unintentional ad for Pepsi. Hahaha..
Palm Trees
Dress form and old trunks
Who would have thought waiting for a train could be so beautiful
Loving this rain! #bootsandsweaterweather #rainyday #summerweekends #yellow #raincoat #lifeisbeautif
I love #antiques. Things from a time of yesteryear
#ShermanOaksAntiqueMall I love this phone
Tuesday's #outfit
All prepped and ready for tonight!  #accessorize #roaring20s #fashionable #stylebliss
Ancient ruins on the horizon. Biking the Appian Way
Cappuccino and chocolate croissant
Ferris Wheel
Summer heatwave
We had to do a double take of this store front window
James and Bessie Hale House, only intensifies as you get closer
Lawn games with the kids #summertime #fun #beautifulday #socal #lawngames
Floppy hats and sunglasses, I love summer
Didn't complete everything I set out to today, but life is more than to-do lists
Such a beautiful time of year
Working girl. Construction, that is
All ready for our next guest! I ❤️ #airBnB
One last selfie, Hello!! from the top of the world! #ontopoftheworld #roadtrip #summerweekends #LAgi
Kings Canyon Camping
Summer camping, playing in the river

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About Bliss

"There is something magical about being able to express yourself through art."

The Blog

Launched in the summer of 2012, MyArtisticBliss.com was initially created as a way for me to share my artistic journey as a Los Angeles based writer, interior designer and visual artist. As the blog grew it developed into a way of connecting with others and exploring that which inspires our sense of self, wonder, happiness, and wellbeing through art, design, and exploration. Conceived out of a deep love for artistry, beauty, and adventure, My Artistic Bliss aims to explore the vast and eclectic world of art, design, nature, travel, and food; and the profoundly positive effect artful living can have on ones everyday life. It is My Artistic Bliss' goal to create more than just a blog, but a upbeat interactive community of artists and arts enthusiasts that kindles creative self-expression, camaraderie, and a slice of bliss and positivity in this sometimes overly cynical world. 


Follow me on my personal journey through the arts as I meets local artists from diverse backgrounds and varying mediums, to understand what motivates them to create and live artful lives; as well as my quest to find bliss through artistic self-expression and design. Weekly, I'll share stories of my exploration through the arts; interviews with artists, both locally based in Los Angeles and from across the country; design tips and tricks of the trade for everyday living; updates on my current projects; daily thoughts and meditations; how-to and diy tutorials; stories and photos from my travel adventures; and so much more. 


Join me as I set out to discover, or rather uncover, that which inspires and influences creative self-expression and spiritual well-being in everyday life, here at MyArtisticBliss.com

The Mastermind

Hi, I'm Noelle Meaway. I'm a Southern Californian certified interior designer, visual artist, and lifestyle blogger, with a passion for self-expression, exploration, and creative design solutions. For me, being a designer is more than a profession, it's a lifestyle. I breathe art, design, and architecture on a daily basis and can't walk into a space without finding inspiration. I pay great attention to detail to create functional, unique, and vibrant dwellings; and work hard to transform uninspired and poorly planned spaces into cohesive works of art. Good design creates a story, that without words, tell you something about who lives, works, or dwells within a space and what matters to them. That is what good design does, and that is what my ultimate goal is to create as a designer.


My personal style, in both design and fashion, can be described as eclectic, earthy, and feminine, with hints of vintage charm. I call it 'classy-hippy'. I love the use of interesting textures and colors, antique silver jewerly, interesting prints and textiles, lace, and denim. I am inspired by the feminine beauty and organic nature of Art Nouveau, as well as bohemian art, design, and fashion. I love the use of wood, stone, and metal, as well as handcrafted finishes, furnishings and decor. I realish the use of vivid color palettes inspired by nature, and I create with the belief that spaces should be designed with personality, functionality, and longevity in mind. 

I love incorporating rustic, vintage, and antique pieces into bright and airy spaces, and wholeheartedly believe that you should feel not only at home in your home, but also rejuvenated and inspired by the things you surround yourself with. While my overall personal style is more organic and bohemian, I am also inspired by the classic elegance of Audrey Hepburn, the modernistic simplicity and inclusion of nature in A. Quincy Jones' architectural designs, the playful nature of Charles Eames furnishings and art, and the breathtaking craftsmanship of the Green and Green Brothers' early 20th century architecture. 


For more about me check out my bio in the Designer Bio section or click My-O-Bio.


Bonus Info, THINGS I LOVE: writing, painting, sculpting, sketching, cooking, baking, entertaining and hosting, traveling, camping, gardening, photography, reading, eating, board games, cocktails, movies, holidays, acoustic guitar playing, animals, crafting, espresso, museums, history, and roller blading (to name a few).

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