Where art and design converse over cappuccinos and make plans.



I have a question for you... what inspires and excites you? What brings you joy or brightens your day?

Believe it or not, we each are artists and designers of our lives, building on a foundation of what matters to us most.


Family. Friends. Creativity. Success. Health. Peace. Art. Love. Growth. Faith. Self-Expression. Happiness. Home. Nature. Adventure. Enlightenment. Connection.


While what matters to each of us may vary, what connects us as human beings is our desire to thrive and lead happy lives.


Our surroundings, our thoughts, our dreams, and our actions all tell the story of that sacred inner world that exists inside each of us that drives us forward. 


My Artistic Bliss is here to offer a spark of inspiration to stimulate your innate creativity and help you create the home and life of your dreams.


So let's explore, create, design, think, and connect with each other, for we each have something special to share.  


...The world around you. Experience is the mother of invention and in order to gain a deeper understand of the world, ourselves, and even life itself, it's important to open yourself to experiences that stimulate, stretch, and move you.  


...A life that inspires you to be your best self, through crafting a road map that help you to realize your dream life, motivated by your goals and aspirations and the choices you make.

Design a Life You'll Love.

The Relationship Between Art and Design, a conversation that inspires us to create and live lives we love through self-expression, curiosity, creativity, and that which we surround ourselves with each day.


...A home and life you’ll love through the powerful adaptation of holistic interior design. An approach that takes your whole life, wellness, design aesthetic, and desired experience in a space and creates a uniquely tailored, health  supporting, and functional home.


...Inwardly and discovery your inner muse, light, passion, and creativity. THINK is full of posts meant to inspire self-reflection, appreciation, and taking a moment to slow down a bit in your daily life. 


...With the stories and lives of others, through interviews with artists from all different backgrounds and disciplines. Peek into their creative, work, or living spaces. Join me on excursions to local events and become apart of the conversation on weekly interesting forum discussions.

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